Tuesday, 17 March 2009

Winter Meets Spring

The challenge this week is to capture winter and spring in one photograph.
Yesterday I took my new (second hand) Canon 20D camera with the new Tamron lens I had bought for it on the daily walk with my dogs. I wanted to familiarise myself with the far more complicated options this camera gives me.
On the way back I saw the two stems floating on the canal and took the opportunity to try out the capability of the lens to zoom in on them.
It wasn't until this morning that I read the challenge and realised that here I had the photograph of 'winter meets spring'.
Unfortunately the lens is faulty and gives two arc shadows on every image where the background is pale so I am returning it. They do not have a replacement lens to send me so I shall be hunting for another when I get my money refunded. The incident has put me off buying the same again. I may decide to save up for a more expensive lens in the hope I will not be disappointed again.

For extra credit I show my favourite colours of any season Blue and Gold.

From Colour Contrast Continuity

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Oops didn't realise I should have taken a shot at a calendar picture.
Here it is

From Colour Contrast Continuity


  1. This is a very nice photograph! Good job!

  2. I loved it and I'll admit I don't know much about those things. You calendar contribution is perfect for March.

  3. I like the calendar entry.

  4. Hi Liz :)

    Wonderful as always! :)


  5. I like the calendar shot! Good one!