Wednesday, 10 March 2010

Fare Well My Friends

This journal is closed to any more entries but will be left for anyone who wants to look at the photographs.

From now I am only placing entries on Visual Counterpoint and Words Speak for Thoughts

Visual Counterpoint will carry photographs that are accompanied by words.
Words Speak For Thoughts will do just that and leave you to picture the scene.
My website, will continue to be home for my photographs.

This journal was started for a photographic challenge that I am no longer welcome to enter.
I wish all the other people who have viewed my photographs and given such encouraging comments the very best with their hobby and lives.

I fear I will never understand the complexity of human nature, nor be able to make myself understood by some people.

Saturday, 6 February 2010

Shutter Release Left Open. Overexposure revealed.

I am no longer attempting to give my photographs for any comments.
I have been totally disallusioned by the response to my efforts by someone I thought saw more than the camera could ever capture.

I have learned that sometimes the camera's shutter falls down on more than the digital sensor. It can fall down on the sense of the person that only looks on life through the distortion caused by a lens.

I now turn my attention to words that I might learn to make them describe my thoughts.

For Colour Contrast and Continuity please go to

Words speak for thoughts

For my future photographs please see my website. Visual