Saturday, 7 March 2009

Invitation declined

The computer that cost me £500 is quite frankly a load of ****

I have been unable to set up a website that I have paid a domain name and website building for to display my photographs because every time I try to engage Internet Explorer my computer freezes.

I have tried to upgrade my website with Freewebs and been unable to do so.

I will almost certainly be offline for some time, as I do not have the money to replace it.

This post is via a friend's laptop, as my old laptop was washed clean and no longer has Internet access.

I have no idea whether I will even try to join the community that I found here by spending even more money.

I have fought my disability with everything that I can think of.


  1. That is a setback, Liz, and no mistake. I don't think I can do much to help from a distance. Hope it can all be sorted without costing a lot of £££. Can only suggest to take the comp back to the shop and ask them to sort it.

  2. I do hope you are able to work this out, as I've found your photo's to be stunning.