Friday, 20 March 2009

Too close for comfort

I'll wait here
From Colour Contrast Continuity

From Colour Contrast Continuity

Yesterday I took the Canon with the Sigma 28-70mm lens it came with to familiarise myself with the camera.
I saw a willow tree that was so laden with pollen it appeared yellow in the bright sunshine. I had to investigate. My old dog, Chrissy, refused to navigate the mass of briars and waited patiently for me to do my thing. Callie however leapt all barriers to stay alongside.
When I got to the tree I managed to obtain some close up photographs that I later enlarged in Photoshop.
This is one of the pictures, others can be seen in The Spring Room on my website.
I was amazed at the results and intend to experiment on manual to obtain more close up pictures with this lens.

From Colour Contrast Continuity

When I got home and the multitude of scratches I had sustained started to make themselves felt I realised how wise Chrissy was. I am not as athletic as Callie and failed to negotiate the briars with her grace.

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  1. Well I think the romp was worth it. This photo is wonderful (as always)!