Thursday, 19 March 2009

Enough is Enough

Having spent a lot of time and mental anguish on setting up a website to show my photographs it now seems incapable of showing them except in thumbnails.
The slideshows and full views are unobtainable.
I can only apologise to anyone who tries to view my photographs on this site for the appauling pictures it gives, as most are chopped when trying to view them.

I cannot get to the site I wished to host my website because every time I try to use Internet Explorer AOL closes the window and the site does not accept AOL as a browser.

I cannot even retrieve my domain address without using my friend's computer that does not have AOL loaded on it. He even tried on his laptop that he loaded AOL on for me and failed. He even failed to access internet explorer when he took AOL off the laptop.

I do not understand what is happening and quite frankly I have had more than enough of the crap that is being showered on everything I try to do.

I now am told by my friend that my site is perfectly viewed on his computer that does not have AOL loaded on it.

There is nothinbg wrong with Freewebs or the site I built. It is AOL that is screwing everything up including me.

It looks as if I am in the market for a new internet provider as well as a lens for my Canon.

1 comment:

  1. Sorry that you are encountering so many problems. Just make sure that you let us know "where you go"!