Friday, 7 August 2009

Happiness is coloured yellow

I wondered whether to post this on Visual Counterpoint or here.
The song I have written holds a picture that I want to be seen with my photographs.
No picture can stand alone and needs the thought that it inspires to live.
I hope my photographs inspire you.

This is my entry for Ellipsis Monday Photo Shoot

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Carly has asked us for one word and a photograph of the colour that word conjures in our mind.
I could only think of my favourite colour first and then the one word it holds for me is

Happiness is coloured yellow for the sun,
That shines and gives life to every day,
And casts shadows that hold night’s fun,
So every moment ever loved can stay,
Recorded in every colour light can hold,
White withholds nought and shows the way,
On a brick road with a dream so bold,
It carries the time that will soon unfold.

From Home~the Journey

Happiness is in the journey and when we find it we find our home.

'Slow to bloom' From Colour Contrast Continuity

Happiness is sometimes slow to bloom,
And many steps are made along the road,
Before we understand there must be room
For rest, so wisdom can carry the load,
And release thought that like smoke will rise,
With a signal that lives within life’s code,
And carry the multitude of cries,
That only silence could ever devise.

Happiness has to be nurtured like a flower for it to bloom.

From Colour Contrast Continuity

Happiness overspills a moment with tears of joy,
No one who has ever cried this water of life,
Can forget the power that emotions employ,
To conquer every lasting restraining strife,
Enter time held breathless between earth and sky,
And see beyond the horizon for a wife,
That will wait as long as time rushes by,
And sing only of love on the waves of a sigh.

Happiness holds every tear ever shed for the future.

This poem is linked to one I have already posted on Visual Counterpoint.
It originally started as subsequent verses to the first verse here but it grew away from the main theme and like a river ran to the sea to become a separate song.
I then wrote the second and third verses for this song.


  1. Hi Liz

    Absolutely beautiful... start to finish! I love yellow roses, and this one is magnificent! Thanks for playing along.


  2. Wonderful - the photo's and the song.

    The little path along side of the flowers looks as if many a foot has tread on it. I can just imagine sitting under those trees and having a picnic!

  3. I see happiness as yellow too. And yellow roses or other blossoms would make me very happy indeed. Well done!