Saturday, 22 August 2009

Did you say Walk?

Can't you see I am born to fly and swim?

'Did you say walk' From Colour Contrast Continuity

You walk by while I rest,

And choose when to swim or fly.

You walk by while I stand,

And silence will echo my cry.


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  2. I have deleted the comment from an anonymous blogger because it was rubbish and offended the intelligence of anyone reading my journal. LIz

  3. In Lakeland (Florida) where I lived for 29 years, there were lakes all over the city (thus the name.
    There were beautiful swans in many of them. They are all the decendants of a number of swans given to the city by the Queen of England something, like 50 years ago.

    Every year my Veterinarian, and his staff, held the swan round up. They got checkups, and were vaccinated. In face, Dr. Gardner (along with 2 other vets) developed a vaccine plan, that is now used in many country's , on these beaitoful birds. Hid father, Dr. Gardner Sr. started the swan round up shortly after the swans arrived, the his son as continued the program. Throughout the years, they took care of any sick or injured swans. All, for $1.00 a year.

    Such graceful creatures...feacely protective of their young. You photo brought back many lovely memories. Thank you so much!

  4. Liz - please forgive all the typos. I should not be allowed to type so early in the morning. My sleep meds haven't worn off yet!

  5. I do not see any errors in your post.
    I only see the picture your words painted of appreciation and care for beauty.

  6. What a fantastic shot. I love what your minds -eye sees.