Thursday, 22 October 2009

I'm Learning how to Photograph a Waterfall

This is my attempt to learn from Tips and Tricks by Greg. A. Kiser:
How to Photograph Waterfalls

I have tried to follow your directions.
I did not have access to a natural waterfall and was severely limited physically to find a place to put your teachings into practice.
I would love to be able to learn this technique so that I might justify a drive into Wales where I know nature is waiting to show me water falling in beauty.
Or to Chester where I was born and grew up and the River Dee creates a great picture as it runs over the weir and under the old bridge. This is the same river that runs from the mountains in Wales and carries the songs of that country to the sea.

This is a weir on the River Mersey.
I could not get near the fall, as the first photograph will show.
I used my Tamron 18-270mm lens in an attempt to gain a closer view.
I feel like an alien in this land where I live.

I feel unable to capture the magic you have at your fingertips.

I used Canon 20 D with circular polarizer and neutral density 8 filters. I was able to take a tripod to this site.

The first pictures are taken in normal mode and show the scene.

'THE WEIR ON THE RIVER MERSEY' From Colour Contrast Continuity

'FALL OF LIGHT' From Colour Contrast Continuity

Then I played

'WAIT FOR IT' From Colour Contrast Continuity

'SLOW FALL' From Colour Contrast Continuity

'CLOSE FALL' From Colour Contrast Continuity

I welcome any comments and accept criticism with an open mind, as this is the only way I can learn to do better.
I feel like an infant entering school for the first time.
I did not feel able to take charge of my camera completely. I only used Shutter priority in order to increase the time of exposure.
Please do not hesitate to speak the truth.
I am not satisfied with the pictures I obtained and I want to learn how to do better.


  1. Liz, I have to say I am impressed! I understand your problems with finding waterfalls and cascading streams. However, I think you really thought outside of the box on this one and you should get extra credit for finding flowing water that fits the theme.

    Your first shots that show the location are great for comparison for when you start using the filters. I can tell an immediate difference here. When you started "playing around" your silky water effects really showed. As far as shutter speed goes, you nailed it!!! Composition is a little weak, but that is more due to the subject than your choices.

    My favorite out of the last three is the second one. The composition is the strongest of all of them, the exposure is perfect, and the shutter speed is spot on. You really captured the essence of the homework assignment.

    Do me a favor....don't make so many apologies for your photography. You don't need to make a single one here, and I have yet to see any of your photographs that needs any concessions from you. Your work stands for proud of what you can accomplish with your photography.

    You have taken a brand new skill, and put it to use in an adverse condition (making due with what you have available). The end results do exactly what I was hoping have gotten familiar with a new technique that can be used for a lot of different subjects as you get more comfortable with it.

    Thank you for participating in this assignment, and I think you did absolutely wonderful with it, and kept with the spirit of the tutorial.


  2. I'm amazed at your photography. Me, I take pics with a glorified point and shoot. I would be at a loss with any other type of camera.

    Keep up the good work. I always enjoy coming here!