Tuesday, 26 May 2009

A Flag for Future Peace

Carly has asked for photographs to celebrate 'Memorial Day'
She has given an alternative to me, across the pond, to fly my flag and for extra credit surround it in Photoshop with a frame.
I prefer to use words to encompass the meaning of the flag I honour and the one I now fly for the world I love.
I fly my flag not as a memorial to the past but as a light held in the present for the future to see clearer the way that is laid by Time for Mankind.
Look, listen and learn.

That is what we tell our children. When will we see, hear and understand that we are children of a greater power that continually tries to teach us to care for each other and the world we have been given in order to grow and justify our existence in the universe that surrounds us.

'Union' From Colour Contrast Continuity

Scotland holds a blue and white sky over the Dragon of Wales that breathes fire into the heart of England and life into the dreams of the Emerald Isle.
Union gives strength through sacrifice of individuality.
Every individual part gives strength to the whole.
The whole is greater than the sum of all parts.

I give you the Union Jack.

One day our world will have one flag. A flag of peace to fly on every ship that leaves our planet to explore the ocean of space that surrounds us.

That flag should contain every colour of every nation and therefore can only be pure white.

I therefore wish to give you my flag.

Greater than the sum of all colours and held in darkness by light.

I give you a White Flag.

'A White Flag' From Colour Contrast Continuity

To fly before every leap of faith, every vision of glory and every chord that unites us.


  1. Hi Liz :)

    Thank you for playing this week, I am glad you did because I enjoyed your entry very much. :) Well done! I especially enjoyed the white flag, and it's meaning. Poignant.


  2. I'm also sharing the photograph of my country's flag.