Wednesday, 8 April 2009

Light in the Dark

Martha's A-Z Challenge has got to the letter Z

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Z is for Zenith
The part of the celestial sphere directly above an observer.
This photo was taken on a night with a full moon which lit up the silver birch tree with the long exposure time (15 sec) required to capture the stars directly overhead.

From Colour Contrast Continuity

Z is also for Zenit
This is Russian made 35mm SLR Film camera I bought as a 'collector's item' from Ebay. It weighs nearly 2 1/2lb with a 50mm standard lens.I am glad things have lightened up!
Seen here with the range of lenses that came with it.

From Colour Contrast Continuity


  1. I love the shot of the stars! Beautiful!

  2. Very cool star photo! Gotta get me a tripod!

  3. Old camera's are so fun! The stars are beautiful.

  4. Cool photos! Love the old camera, I have a few around here somewhere.....