Wednesday, 15 April 2009

Far Away is Close at Hand

Carly asks us to show something Up Close this week
Please follow the link to join in and view other entries.

The title for my entry is taken from 'Song of contrariety' by Robert Graves
'Far away is close at hand
Close joined is far away,
Love shall come at your command
Yet will not stay.'

Greg continues to be an inspiration to me to try to produce the best photograph that I can with my equipment.
I viewed his macro photo for this challenge this morning while the rain pelted down and my dogs looked miserably at the conservatory doors knowing that their walk was delayed.
I had nothing that I could enter.
I do not have a macro lens but I took my camera with the Tamron 18-270mm lens with me when the rain finally stopped, determined to get something I could post.
I knelt in a patch of nettles to get as close as possible to the few showing flowers.
I found a dandelion flower and filled the viewfinder with it.
I saw raindrops held by the new nettle foliage and hawthorn blossom and took many photographs hoping that the camera could capture a little of the magic.
I searched for a Bluebell that had opened in the sun that eventually sneaked some rays between the clouds that raced across the sky.
I have cropped and enlarged a few in Photoshop to find more than I ever saw.
I have not got a macro lens but this camera and lens combination with Photoshop still managed to give me an entry.

'Dandy Lion' From Colour Contrast Continuity

'The Innocence of Nettle' From Colour Contrast Continuity

For the other photographs I took please go to my Web Site Colour Contrast Continuity where they can be found in the Macro Room.


  1. Very neat and interesting photos! I appreciate the work that went into taking them. Good job!

  2. Liz - these photo's are incredibly beautiful!

  3. Incredibly beautiful shots!

  4. Hi Liz :)

    Just beautiful! Very, very well done, perfect for this week's theme! :)

    :) Carly

  5. Beautiful the way you were able to show us such detail!

  6. very nice flowers. Good job.