Tuesday, 21 July 2009

Patterns of Behaviour

Carly has asked us for photographs of PATTERNS this week.
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She has asked us to think ‘outside the box’ so my entry shows patterns of behaviour I observed when I took a short break at Delamere Forest in my mobile caravan.

I quickly realised the only way I would obtain a picture of the very shy wild rabbits was to anticipate where they would go and wait with the camera set up. Unfortunately any sight or sound of a human sent them scampering off.
There was one rabbit that regularly came to breakfast on the grassy slope outside my caravan so I decided to try to get a photograph through the kitchen window using the caravan as a ‘hide’.
It rained heavily that night and I wondered if the rabbit would make his usual appearance. I set up the camera at dawn with my new Tamron 18-270mm lens to give me the best chance of a close up and dried the outside of the window to remove the water droplets that would have interfered.
After waiting for about 30 minutes the rabbit arrived and chose to eat on the bank as usual. This gave me the added advantage of being able to photograph him at almost his level despite the fact the position of the camera was severely restricted by the window.

'Breakfast salad well washed' From Colour Contrast Continuity

'Rabbit well washed' From Home~the Journey

The other pattern of behaviour I saw was exhibited by garrulous gulls that had decided to choose the remains of felled trees showing above the water of the mere for nesting places. Those already in situ defended their rights loudly if any other gull attempted to land. I chose a specific sight and then waited for another bird to fly into the frame and initiate the argument!

'Make room for me' From Colour Contrast Continuity
In both cases the photographs required observation of the pattern of behaviour of wildlife in order to be in the right place and then wait patiently for the right time to take them.


  1. Hello Liz :)

    This is such a beautiful entry. You are just fabulous with the camera, I just knew your entry would be something special, and look, it is indeed! :) BEAUITFUL! Well done!


  2. Great idea. I think that bird's foot is going to end up in the other's mouth!

  3. Mike
    I see the bird coming in to land on both feet wherever they end up!

  4. Great thinking outside the box! I love your pictures and the ideas behind them.